Google SSL Update & Requirements in 2017

Secure your website before October 2017 with SSL/HTTPs or suffer a drop in traffic/rankings.

The Google SSL Update coming in October 2017 means your websites needs to be secured with a 2048-bit SSL Certificate, this is to ensure your website’s traffic isn’t affected by the Browser Security message from Google Chrome.

What is SSL/HTTPS?

Connecting to a HTTP ( website means that your data and payment information isn’t secured when entering it on the website, this poses a threat from hackers who could potentially steal your data and commit fraud.
A HTTPS website ( will allow you to securely connect to a website and any information you enter will be encrypted, making it incredibly hard for anyone to hack into.
You can identify a secure website by looking at the address bar as seen below:

There are different levels of Security and  types of SSL Certificates, depending on your sites usage.

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